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written by Vanessa Mordecai (german schoolgirl)

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Today I want to tell you something

about the street dogs in Spain! There aren’t many people in Spain who are fond of animal. That’s why other people must help the animals. These people try to rescue them. They desex them, give them a home or they take them to Germany. There are many organizations in Spain. These organizations build houses for the dogs and cats. This is very expensive but they get no money from the government. They are dependent on bounties.
At the moment there are about 60 organizations in Spain. But that’s not enough because there are more and more animals in Spain who need help.
Here on the webpage you can see organizations who work in Spain.

What can you do?
You can…..
- help in animal shelter
- donate: money, food, water pots etc.
- take a animal to Germany
- tidy up the food station of the animals

On the way to Germany:
There aren’t many Spaniard who want a dog. That’s the reason why people try to interfered dogs and cats in Germany. The organizations have a lot of contact with the animal-rights activists in Germany. They search for people who want a street dog from Spain. Then the organization search for tourists who accompany the dogs or the cats on the way to Germany. The costs are taken over from the animal organizations. The animals are brought to the airport in Spain and picked up in Germany at no cost for the tourists. Since the animal organizations organizes everything and also take over all cost there is absolutely no stress or expense for the tourists. Many German animal shelter are open for animals out of foreign countries.

Ways to help the animals:
Many animal-rights activist try to show the Spaniard that animals are living beings. For example they visit schools and try to wake good feelings for the animals by the students. They show them how cruel the situation is.
Many Germans build a small private animal shelter in Spain. They desex the animal to keep the animal population low. Also they take care until he animals are interfered.
Many Spaniard are against animal-rights activist.